Anomaly/Recoating Repairs

Blue Sky Construction has recoated 10,000 feet of large diameter pipe and completed over 200 anomaly digs in the first five years of its operation.

Blue Sky was specifically set up to complete repairs on pipelines. The company-owned 330 track hoes have the ability to interchange between digging buckets, to clean out buckets, to 4000-pound rock hammers, to padding buckets, and finally to rock crushing attachments. When Blue Sky sets up on an anomaly dig or recoat site, you can rest assured that we have all the resources with us to handle all conditions possible. We have extensive experience in digging pipelines that are greater than 20 feet in depth, and all our competent persons have been through extensive OSHA excavation classes to understand how to set shoring and trench boxes in a manner that is safe and compliant.

Blue Sky’s philosophy is to ensure that appropriate equipment is utilized to fully protect the client’s pipelines. Safety is of the utmost importance. Our equipment is heavy enough to ensure that there is proper reach to place spoils from the ditch in an efficient manner without having to handle the material twice, and our hoes have power enough to dig the toughest material. If rock is encountered, a quick change over to our heavy rock hammers is easily accomplished. Once we are dug out and ready for work to be completed in the ditch, our hoes can then put on the rock crushing attachment and break the rock, as big as 1 yard in diameter, into 1 to 2-inch sized rocks. In the meantime, the repair crews can perform their work in the ditch rather than hauling that material out and topsoil back into the site. With this excavation system, Blue Sky is completing the work in the most efficient manner possible and is also reducing, significantly, the wear and tear on the ROW and access roads to the site. Once the pipeline is padded with our padding buckets, we can then backfill the rest of the ditch up to the frost line with the crushed rock. This provides an excellent uniform backfill, gets rid of the rock, and turns heavy point source loads that bigger boulders usually put on the pipeline, into excellent backfill that can easily be dug back up should the site ever need further attention.

You won’t get this from contractors that utilize undersized equipment which puts the personnel and pipeline at risk due to the lack of reach, lack of digging power, lack of the ability to hammer rock with an adequate sized hammer, and lack of weight in the hoes. All of these are issues when you consider that buckets are swinging over the pipelines constantly. An operator can easily make the mistake of overloading a hoe bucket with material and pull those undersized hoes into your pipeline. You won’t see that from Blue Sky. Our crews get the job done right the first time and in the most efficient manner possible.

Blue Sky has two mobile plural component units mounted in rugged trailer units. Our personnel have been certified by Canusa, SP and Denso for spraying two-part epoxy pipeline grade coatings. Spraying the pipeline not only significantly reduces the cost of the coating material versus the 1 liter kits that are traditionally used, but because the base material is heated, the cure time is also significantly reduced. The quality control and look and feel of the finished coating job is also superior and essentially looks like spray applied coating from the pipe mill. The time to actually apply the coating is also significantly reduced.

Blue Sky also owns a hydrovac unit that has heated tanks capable of operating in cold climates. The hydrovac is operated by the same crews that operate the rest of our equipment; thus, when you hire Blue Sky, the days of trying to schedule another specialty contractor while a crew is waiting are over.

Blue Sky has also invested into our personnel in areas like asbestos abatement. Typically, if an existing coating contains asbestos, a specialty crew is required to be onsite for the abatement of the material. This is both inefficient and costly to the pipeline operator. Schedules have to be matched up, and much of the time spent by the specialty abatement contractor is spent mobilizing and waiting for the prime contractor to get the site prepared for them to abate. With Blue Sky, all of those costs are avoided because the personnel that are doing the rest of the work at the site are also certified to handle the abatement and handle all of the waste manifest involved in the disposal.

Because efficiency is the name of the game, Blue Sky offers these services. On a typical anomaly dig, time on site can be reduced because of the specialty equipment in which Blue Sky has invested. With the faster cure times being achieved, a site can be dug and backfilled in one day’s time rather than having to wait for coatings to cure.

The equipment, as well as our management of the job itself, is what separate Blue Sky from our competitors. When you hire Blue Sky, you know that you’re getting quality at the highest levels of safety and environmental protection possible.