Cathodic Protection Installations

Blue Sky Construction routinely works on cathodic protection facilities such as deep wells, conventional ground beds, and anode flex installations. In 2011 and 2012, Blue Sky installed 25 deep well installations, 24 conventional beds, and over 2000 feet of anode flex. The deep well installations, on average, take 6 days to complete the deep well, the anode installation, the coke slurry back fill, and the well cap. To ensure that the well is not left open for long, our crews are on site for the entire process and ensure that as soon as the well is completed, the anodes are dropped down by the well rig the moment the bit is out of the ground. This prevents the risk of having to re-complete the well at a later date which often happens to other contractors who try to reduce their costs through drilling a bunch of wells and then moving in with the crews to install the anodes later, and thus, in many cases, cause issues due to the wells caving in.

Our personnel on site have had extensive training in FERC Upland and Wetland Plan and Procedure which ensures that all drilling mud, and other material utilized in the drilling process, are kept contained on the site and filtered or disposed of properly, and all access to the sites are maintained and restored adequately.