Company Overview

Blue Sky Construction was founded in 2008 by Doug and Sean Black. The vision for this company came from Sean as a result of his years of experience working for various energy companies and managing all aspects of projects in the energy sector.

“I wanted to create a company that would be specifically set up to handle projects for oil and natural gas companies,“ Sean says, “One that really focused in on the things that were important to the management of the companies we served. I wanted to get away from the age old pipe liners ways that had frustrated me for years and train my own people to work in more of a modern business environment that emphasized attention to detail, heightened customer service, and fostered a true safety and environmental culture, one that actually fit with the culture being achieved by the major oil and gas companies.”


With this philosophy in mind,  Sean and Doug slowly grew the company and personally trained the crews to complete projects in a manner that would best fit the needs and desired methods of the clients being served.  Now the company has grown into a multimillion dollar business in which the quality and array of services are unmatched in the industry.

"At Blue Sky, we really pay attention to the big picture,” Sean says. “Where a company would normally have to hire an expensive specialized abatement contractor to come in and remove asbestos, we do things like cross train our personnel who are out there coating the pipe to handle the asbestos abatement as well."

This type of awareness and attention to its clients’ needs is spread throughout Blue Sky.  Other services provided by the company are hydrovac’ing and plural component coating. Since a hydrovac truck and mobile plural component trailers are owned by the company, there is no need to call in other specialty contractors whenever these type of services are needed.

To offer these turnkey services, Blue Sky has invested significant capital into both employee training and the equipment needed for such services, and the result is simply a much higher quality product for our customers.