Engineering Services

In addition to the array of construction services offered by Blue Sky Construction, Sean Black offers consulting services ranging from construction management, construction inspection, environmental inspection, and PHMSA consulting, as well as general industry expert witness services. Blue Sky is uniquely positioned to offer these services by Sean because of the strong leadership team that has been put into place to operate the company during any absence that this consulting work may require. C.P. Shannon, who is also a part owner of the company and General Manager of Blue Sky, handles all of the day to day operations. Paula Hanks, the Controller, manages the company's accounting, insurance coordination, DOT requirements, and governmental compliance, as well as manages the front line of the company's business.

CP and Paula are both highly motivated and competent people who require little oversight. With these two primary resources in place, as well as the personnel and infrastructure beneath both CP and Paula, offering consulting services by Sean allows a greater return for both Blue Sky and our clients. Sean is able to keep abreast of important industry wide challenges that companies are facing which provides an outstanding insight into our primary customer’s needs.

Sean also consults with a long time industry partner, Liberty Pipeline Services, and complements their professional staff on many short term assignments for their clients. On several occasions, Liberty Pipeline Services and Blue Sky have teamed up to offer turnkey services. Another important partner of Blue Sky is Bio-Resources.

With high quality partners such as these, Blue Sky is uniquely positioned to handle the construction and management portion of projects where our partners may have environmental monitoring and inspection contracts. Blue Sky's collaboration with both partners provides a great turnkey service for the oil and gas company clients since all aspects of the project are under the same contract, from monitoring to the completion of any corrective actions.

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