Hydrovac Excavation

Blue Sky understands the risks involved in locating buried utilities and pipelines.  Our Hydrovacs are capable of locating these underground facilities safely while reducing the risks and hazards typically involved when using machine excavation. This process allows us to keep safety at the forefront while still providing a cost effective method in completing the project.

The process of hydrovac excavation utilizes a combination of water, pressure, and vacuum on a self-contained mobile unit. A high pressure wand is utilized to project water into the ground to create a mud slurry which is vacuumed through a large 8” diameter hose into a debris tank located on the hydrovac truck.  The debris material can be stored on site and later used as backfill, or it can be transported off site to another location. This process is key to eliminating any chance of damaging unknown utilities or inaccuracies in locating marks.

Our hydrovac units are equipped with large inline heaters raising the water temperature to 150 degrees which allows our personnel to continue the project in some of the most extreme weather conditions. This feature allows us to continue the project safely through frozen earth, while maintaining consistent productivity and keeping the project on schedule.

Hydrovac excavation is used in several different applications across many industries.  Some examples of these applications include:

  • Slot Trenching
  • Potholing
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Environmental Cleanup
  • Cathodic Protection Installations
  • Directional Drilling Test Holes
  • Piling Holes
  • Power Pole Installation

Blue Sky provides highly trained personnel that are very experienced in the oil and gas industry.  We understand how critical this infrastructure is and remain committed to providing a service built upon protecting the integrity of these pipelines and facilities. Many of our personnel are cross trained and certified in other areas of expertise such asbestos abatement removal, pipeline re-coating, and excavation safety.  This allows us to reduce the cost of a project by providing the correct personnel to complete multiple tasks involved in evaluating an existing pipeline or facility.