Leadership Team

Sean Black,

Chief Executive Officer

Sean began his career in the construction industry as a laborer and equipment operator during his college years and quickly worked his way through the ranks of the owner companies where he worked. Sean earned a BS in Civil Engineering and worked in a multitude of jobs including construction inspection, ROW, environmental, air permitting, safety, pipeline safety, and risk management at Williams Gas Pipelines-West (the Kern River and Northwest Pipeline systems primarily.) Most notably, Sean led Williams Gas Pipelines efforts of establishing a new industry wide program that utilized risk management techniques to achieve higher levels of safety and reliability on Northwest Pipeline’s system. This program, the Risk Management Demonstration Program, was incorporated into the Pipeline Safety Act of 2002 which required that all companies establish their own risk management programs to evaluate High Consequence Areas.

Sean then became one of the industry’s premier construction managers, and at the age of thirty three worked as a field engineer and an area chief over two of the most complex spreads on the Kern River expansion project in 2002. The one billion dollar project was the largest single project constructed in a decade and was permitted and constructed in one year’s time.

Sean then worked as a Senior Director of Compliance for Northern Natural Gas, the largest single natural gas system in the country. While in this role, Sean directed environmental, corrosion, safety, pipeline integrity, public awareness, risk management, and pipeline safety.

Sean was then asked to become the Director of Engineering, managing a staff of 120 personnel in the Omaha office and 175 construction inspectors during the peak of the construction season. Sean’s department was responsible for a quarter of a billion dollar capital annual spend that ranged from multi-million dollar offshore, LNG, storage, EFM, and ESD, as well as system expansions projects involving new pipeline and compression projects to accommodate the market growth.

Doug Black


Doug began his career working as a laborer on road construction crews in college. He graduated from Boise State University with a degree in accounting and joined one of the big seven accounting firms of Andersen, Bolen and Hagen where he quickly became a high performer. He then began his own successful practice in the Boise area.

Doug was then asked to move his practice into the large, well established accounting firm of Little Morris, in downtown Boise, where he became a managing partner over the company and continues to manage the business to this day. Doug’s company website is located at www.littlemorris.com. Little Morris provides accounting and business planning services to their clients across the Northwest.

Paula Hanks


Paula began her career in banking and moved on to work in accounts payable for a large grocery chain while attending college. She graduated Cum Laude from Boise State University with a BBA in accounting and joined one of the big four accounting firms of Deloitte & Touche where she gained valuable tax accounting experience. 

Paula then moved into the private business sector and worked as a senior staff accountant for a fledgling title company where she successfully assisted in setting up accounting processes to gain efficiencies within the company. After several years there, she joined her spouse in establishing a successful plumbing company where for nine years she performed as the office manager and accountant.

Paula joined Blue Sky full time in 2008 where she has implemented accounting procedures and other office processes that match the company's goal of satisfying its client's needs through the client's preferred methods.