Mobile Rock Crushing and Screening

Because of our innovative approach to pipeline construction, Blue Sky has adopted a very efficient method for tackling several obstacles that have a way of drastically increasing project schedules and making costs soar. These project efficiencies are being achieved through our implementation of onsite rock crushing and screening buckets that attach directly onto our existing fleet of excavators.

Our MB crushing buckets attach directly to our excavator quick couplers allowing change over from a digging bucket to a crushing bucket to be completed in less than 5 minutes. The design of these buckets is essentially that of a typical jaw crusher scaled down in size to complement the idea of utilizing one piece of equipment, such as an excavator, to complete multiple onsite tasks. These MB Crusher Buckets are able to reduce material into a usable 5”-1” minus product. To establish a certain size of desired material, shims are installed or removed in as little as 15 minutes to interchange from one size of material to the next. Depending on site conditions, sizing, and rock type, as much as 70 tons of output per hour may be achieved. This simple method can drastically reduce project costs where mobilizing a large portable crusher is not cost effective. In addition, this method is very efficient as opposed to trucking out large rock and importing a usable material back to the site.

Blue Sky is a dealer in these exclusive crushing buckets and offers these products for sale through MB America. To find out more, see MB America's website at


Blue Sky understands that protecting a pipeline after installation is a critical step in ensuring the integrity of your asset remains extreme priority. Screening buckets have thus become a must have necessity in the pipeline world. We operate a screening bucket that also attaches directly to our excavators with minimal change over time, and we have an assortment of screening sizes to complement different project specifications. These buckets can screen material from ¾” to 5” with the liner screens being able to be changed out with minimal down time in order to achieve whatever your project demands include.

Blue Sky has the screening and mobile rock crushers available for use on our client's right of way. By utilizing this equipment, Blue Sky can drastically reduce the amount of time hauling rock off the site and hauling expensive topsoil back into the area. After the pipeline is adequately padded, our ability to crush rock allows us to back fill the ditch with this rock up to the frost line. This keeps heavy point source loads off the pipeline and keeps the rock in the ditch from where it came.

Remote site locations and tough site conditions can limit the type of equipment that may be necessary to achieve project objectives, and that is where Blue Sky is able to supply our customers with a cost effective and efficient way to meet these demands while keeping the project on schedule.