Mobile Plural Component Coating System

Blue Sky has invested heavily in supplying our clients with the best available resources for coating application projects within the oil and gas pipeline industry. In addition to providing significant material cost savings, our mobile spray coating system reduces scheduling delays associated with tasks that are dependent upon coating completion before work can proceed. The advantage of the spray coating is that the cure time can be reduced from a day to a few hours which enables us to proceed more quickly with tasks such as back-filling and cleanup. Material cost savings can be as high as 33% when buying the coating products in bulk 800 liter drum sets as opposed to 1.5 liter kits. There is also a huge reduction of waste and packaging when utilizing the material in bulk quantities.

Our equipment consists of one Graco Extreme Mix 185 and one Graco XM 50 plural component spray systems. The spray equipment is housed in an enclosed cargo trailer where the coating and additional equipment is also stored. This setup allows us to travel to various locations within a day’s work while still maintaining efficiency and keeping quality at the forefront of our focus. Our flatbed trucks that are utilized to pull the coating trailers are equipped with the generator and air compressor necessary to operate the spray equipment. This design allows us to reduce unnecessary trucking costs for multiple pieces of equipment and provide a unit which will accommodate small areas and tight work spaces anticipated on pipeline right of ways and inside facility locations like compressor stations.

The plural component coating system has become a necessity on many of our projects to help gain a competitive advantage by reducing delays related to coating and by increasing production on a daily basis. Our spray coating system reduces the number of personnel on a typical coating crew by 25% and enables us to increase productivity by as much as 100%. In addition, the spray application method produces a much more consistent product in comparison to rolling or brush applying the coating material. These innovative approaches and advantages are what help us maintain a solid reputation in a very competitive industry.