Blue Sky has completed numerous reseeding and reclamation projects, mainly on pipeline right of ways.  Our specialty in this area consists of sending smaller 6 man crews to “sweep” right of ways that typically are left from larger general pipeline contractors. In most cases, the issues that require rectification on these right of ways include subsidence, failed reseeding, erosion wash outs, surface rock, and noxious weed growth. Blue Sky sends through the area, crews who are equipped to handle any and all of these issues.

Our equipment set up for these jobs includes a tracked skid steer hauled on a heavy duty dump trailer. The skid steer and trailer can handle most subsidence issues, and our operators are accustomed to working around live lines and understand what you can and can’t do on pipeline right of ways. The trailer works well for hauling in loads of topsoil or fill material and for hauling out rocks.

We carry an ATV capable of spraying noxious weeds and are fully licensed applicators in the states in which we operate. We utilize our own no-till range seeders and brush hogs for these jobs and typically will rent 150 horse tractors to complete the reseeding portion. In addition, Blue Sky owns and operates our own hydro seeding unit.

Because Blue Sky is also in the business of doing the general pipeline maintenance work such as routinely digging out hot lines and repairing high pressure pipelines with product still flowing, the crews that complete the reclamation and reseeding work are well educated in the rules and regulations that govern the clean up efforts on pipeline right of ways as well as the safety background needed while working over and above high pressure gas pipelines. Often, these projects are conducted years after the initial construction is complete, and ensuring that the cleanup crews understand the continued obligation to complete the work in accordance with the project permits is essential to keeping our clients in compliance.

By sweeping the right of way, all issues are taken care of as the crews move down the right of way. This eliminates the need to hire multiple contractors to handle the individual pieces of the work that are required.